10 Tips To Get Set & Ready for A Road Trip

Spring is here! There is no best way to deal with this season but to relish the warm sunshine outdoors. Go out and have fun in the sun! Pack up, go and get on your first road trip. But then, again, a well-thought-out preparation and planning guarantee you that this trip is all worth it.

Here is a list of a few things to do before actually hitting the road:

1. Pick your destination carefully

So, where are you going? Before preparing anything, choosing first the place where do you want to spend your outdoor adventure. In picking your travel destination, consider the reason or purpose why do you want to go to that place or those places. It is important that the facilities, features or even the crowd of the location you have in mind meet your vacation goals and expectations.

Do a research about the place. Check out its website and read the reviews of other travelers and tourists who have already gone there in the past. Ask around among your circle of friends.

Be aware of the route to your destination. Are there any road closures, limited eating spaces or cramped hotels along the way? How long is your travel time? Make sure the travel time fits for the duration of your vacation.

2. Set a vacation duration

How long do you plan to do your vacation? Determining road trip duration guides you what to bring with you and how much are you going to spend. This way, you have a better chance to maximize your activities during your vacation.

Do not forget to reserve at least one day of rest and recovery at home before going back to your daily work or school.

3. Prepare your car

“No outdoor vacation is complete without the obligatory road trip,” declares Teton Gravity Research (TGR), an action sports media company.

A road trip is no longer fun if your vehicle fails you. To prevent any untoward situation, secure your car and make sure it is ready for your travel. Prior your vacation, take your car for a tune-up and its preventive maintenance check. Be sure to inspect thoroughly the engine, cooling, transmission, brakes and suspension parts. Bring enough water and change the oil. An insured car is better to handle, in case of accidents and emergencies.

4. Calculate the cost and save the money

How much money do you need for your road trip? How much should it cost you for the food, gas, lodging, souvenirs, tourist attraction fees and other travel conveniences? Do some research about your destination and find out what are the restaurants, hotels, gas stations, attractions, and facilities located in the area. LIst down how much their services and accommodations cost. TGR advised that “it’s better to overestimate rather than underestimate the cost.”

When you already jot down the estimated cost, start saving your money while you plan ahead.

5. Pack the right things

How much to pack? Listing down what do you have to bring and pack in your bags saves you more time, more money and prevents you from forgetting anything important.

Consider the location of your destination, too. What clothes and footwear you must bring?

If traveling with children, pack tissues, foods, water and prepare some handy travel games to keep them entertained.

6. Soundwaves

To keep you and your adult companions entertained as well, save your favorite playlists on your smartphone and just play it while traveling on the road.

7. Maps or GPS

Make use of the convenience brought about by recent innovations. Using GPS could save you a lot of time, brings you to your destination and gives you more options to enjoy your vacation.

8. Rules of the road

Identify first the specific road rules in the location of your destination. Make sure to recognize and understand rulings on speed limits and other major road laws.

9. Packed snacks or restaurants

Prepare snacks that you may consume early on the road, such as sandwiches and whatever you can bring with you for the day ahead. Take your budget into consideration before deciding to eat out in restaurants or hotels while traveling.

10. Make full use of your time

How much time do you want to spend in the car? Which activity do you prefer most, travel on, sit inside the car and enjoy the landscapes beside the road or stopping over on a certain location and see different attractions? Whatever you choose, get the most out of your time to fulfill what is on your vacation bucket list.

To close, in gearing up for your much-anticipated road trip, always leave enough room where you can be creative and spontaneous. Adventure and surprises always go together, right? Not following all your plans need not be as disastrous as it seems. At the end of the day, just remember to enjoy the experience and bring home delightful memories of your road trip.