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A Short History of Famous Ferrari Cars

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In the year 1994, the founder of Momo and long-term Ferrari loyal customer, Giampiero Moretti, was one of the few people who made a convincing note to Maranello to have sports car racing back. He made them understand the importance of bringing back the company to the motorsport category. This is especially the case in North America, which is their largest market. At the same time, it has been more or less 23 years since Ferrari became a part of the IMSA World Sports Car Championship. They had the Ferrari 312 PB compete in the year 1971. It just fitted for the year 1994 for Ferrari to come up with an entirely new car to compete for the infamous sports car racing tournament.

This is when Ferrari F40 came into the picture. Until this day, the F40 still has that unadulterated and raw look to it. It was specifically created as a race car for road use, and until this day, the company is immensely proud of it. There are no gimmicks here. The F40 comes as a race car first and a road car second. Its taillights and headlights are just a second thought to make sure that it is road-compliant. The seating position is awkward and cramp, the cabin is small, there are some lags from the twin-turbo V8 engine, and the suspension is hard. Even so, when you drive your very first F40, none of these things matter.

The Ferrari F40 is an experience in itself. There is nothing quite like this particular car once you drive it. You cannot just go out there and buy something as equally alluring and amazing as this car even if you can afford just about anything that you want. Perhaps the only car that comes close to the F40 is another F40. This is the last car that was signed off by Enzo Ferrari himself. Until this day, this car is still considered as one of the best cars that Ferrari has ever manufactured.

Once the Ferrari 250 was created, it became the turning point for the company. It kickstarted the company further and cemented its position as one of the legendary and most popular car manufacturers out there. The Ferrari 250 SWB is classified as a sports car. It is easily as decent as any GT car model. Ferrari later on created different variants of this car model. They were all referred to as the 250. After the 250, the 275 and 330 followed. Nonetheless, the 250 is still highly regarded by a lot of people. Most even consider it as one of the greatest road cars Ferrari ever built.

The Ferrari 250 SWB was officially offered in short wheelbase, long wheelbase, and Europa. The Europa has a lengthy 2,800-wheelbase and is considered as the GT of the said lineup. The short wheelbase, on the other hand, came in at 2,400 mm while the long wheelbase at 2,600 mm. Among the three, the short wheelbase was the most agile and nimblest. Nonetheless, most of them were convertibles. All three variants come with a 3-liter naturally-aspirated V12 that comes with 300 horsepower.