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A Beginner’s Guide to Car Shipping

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Car shipping is famous for a lot of reasons. If you have purchased a car via eBay, using this service is essential. If you own a car dealership, this service is beneficial for you and your growing business. If you plan to relocate or thinking of moving your favorite car to your native village, a car shipping service is vital. If you want to join a track event, shipping your car to another location may be necessary. Even the reason for finally buying your dream car requires the services of a good car shipping company.

Whatever your reason may be, that requires you to transport your car, shipping it to its final destination instead of driving it over can help save both your precious time and money. Of course, you also need to find a reliable car shipping company to save yourself the trouble and hassle of doing everything yourself. For your car shipping needs to be met, there are a few key points that you have to consider. This short article will serve as your basic guide.

Shipment listing
To successfully transport your car, you have to come up with a clear budget estimate. Choosing the right kind of lorry or trailer to load your car will depend on its total weight, time, value, and its exposure during the entire transportation. If there are special considerations for extra care, they have to be made mention early on. The involved distance is one of the main factors that help determine the cost of the entire car shipping. Moreover, more extended and taller cars require additional adjustments and can be quite pricey.

You choose between two car transport options available. You have the enclosed option and the open option. The former is ideal for transporting luxury vehicles and offers full protection upon shipping. The latter, on the other hand, implies that your car will be transported on an exposed or open trailer. This often costs less than the former. If the car is running, loading it onto the trailer is that much easier. If not, a winch and other equipment may be utilized to load it onto the trailer. This often implies spending more on your shipment costs.

Obtain multiple quotes
Check major professional websites that offer you some car shipping quotes. Usually, you will get quotes from several car shipping companies after you have filled out your requirements and vehicle data. You can share your concerns associated with safety, insurance, and past experiences. Check feedbacks from previous customers to review the profiles of your shipping company options. Usually, top-rated companies will be posting photos of the vehicles and equipment they have used for car shipping. You can proceed to finalize the transport contract after you have negotiated the right quote.

Shipping and delivery
After approval of the best quote, the shipping company will provide you with their contact details. You can meet the transport company for your drop, transport, and pick-up concerns and other information.

Getting your car ready for transport
Make sure to do the following things to ensure that your car is ready for transport:
• Get the exterior and interior of your car cleaned-up.
• Burn off the majority of your fuel. Avoid leaving fuel more than a quarter tank.
• Assess the battery charge, car fluids, and tire pressure test.
• Keep all accessories safe and remove as necessary.
• Remove all personal property from your car.
• Retract the antenna, disable alarm systems, and fold the mirrors.
• Take pictures of your car during pickup and drop-off.