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In this modern day and age, technology easily comes and goes. Technological advancements are so fast-paced that some people cannot catch up with the recent trends in technology anymore. Nevertheless, technology has made the lives of a lot of people much more comfortable. And yet, with the immense power of technology, a great amount of responsibility also falls on the people’s hands. A lot of lives have already been easily consumed by technology. Some even come to the point of misusing and abusing technology for their benefit. Take, for instance, car break-ins and theft.

A lot of surveillance footages in the past have shown how thieves easily walk up to cars and yank on their handles. At this point, you will already observe pried open doors or broken windows. In short, a lot of damages take place when these types of crimes are committed. With technology, however, these things are no longer what you can expect from a car break-in or theft to happen. In present times, modern-day car thieves utilize a compact device that helps them unlock doors electronically.

According to tech experts, manipulating cars using this device or method is very easy, most especially now that most vehicles use a keyless method to lock and unlock their vehicles. It has now become effortless to invent something that can manipulate the car to think that the car owner with the remote is standing near them even when this is not the case at all.

Cases of car break-ins and theft using electronic devices and technology are no longer uncommon in this day and age. You see them happening all around the world. The losses can range from a few dollars and regular items and grow to more valuable items and more dollars. With this kind of break-in, thieves are not able to leave incriminating evidence or severe damages on the car they have broken in.

Since this new car theft technique is quite impossible to prevent, you can at least do a few simply cautions. Here they are:
1. Avoid leaving valuable stuff inside of your vehicle, most especially if you leave it overnight. If you need to leave some stuff behind, the good idea is to cover it up with a blanket or cloth at the trunk.
2. Install anti-theft devices and additional security systems in your car. This not only prevents theft but also decreases the costs of your auto insurance. Moreover, you can also add security systems around your home so you can better expose criminals like what surveillance footage can capture.
3. Make sure to park your vehicle in a well-lit area. Most thieves avoid targeting a vehicle parked in a relatively bright area because it increases their chances of getting caught. Also, avoid parking in empty areas. Your car will become a target for the thieves because fewer people will be present on the premises.
4. Do not forget always to keep your vehicle locked when leaving it. Avoid leaving valuables inside such as electronics and your money.
5. Look out for any suspicious behavior from people around cars. You might be looking at criminals at work. If you find something unsafe or unusual, contact the authorities ASAP.