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Safety Tips for Box Trailers

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Every driver should understand basic safety measures to prevent any road accident. This is why all people have to undergo driver examinations first before they are given a license to drive. The safety measures for drivers of box trailers are even a lot stricter. Vehicles with a box trailer attached are quite tricky to drive, let alone dangerous. Many traffic accidents happen due to the driver’s inability to follow strict safety measures. Accidents involving this kind of vehicle do not just happen on the road but also when being towed.

Whether the trailer is being used for private reasons or business, it is always important to take care of its towing, maintenance, and loading. This will help the box trailer to be in its full working condition.

It is always necessary to know the towing capacity of the trailer. Drivers should not exceed the maximum towing capacity of the vehicle. Most accidents involving box trailers usually happen because of drivers putting extra weight on the trailer more than it can bear. The recommended towing weight limit is only 80% of the maximum capacity. Furthermore, you should include the weight of the passengers and the weight of the trailer itself. Remember that it is difficult to stop a heavy vehicle. Also, take note that the trailer does not precisely have a towing limit. Drivers only have to be watchful of their driving speed to avoid any road accident.

Proper load weight distribution is also another aspect that every trailer driver has to know because it dramatically affects vehicle handling. When loading materials on the box trailer, it is essential to put the most substantial items at the center of the vehicle. Arrange the weights so that a load of materials is evenly distributed on the entire trailer. Incorrect load weight distribution can cause a lack of balance in the box trailer. Drivers have to avoid driving box trailers with very light loads and also overloading.

Checking the brakes is critical to do as well. Before driving a box trailer, drivers have to check if all the brakes of the truck are working in perfect condition. The lights should have synchronization with the brakes as well. It is best to replace the brake fluid regularly to avoid rusting of the brakes. If necessary, replace old brakes. Electronic brakes are also recommended for trailers that carry heavy loads. If you have the budget, you can get a brake controller for extra safety measures.

Tires are another thing. You have to maintain them regularly and accurately. Make sure the tires are installed property, giving enough space around the sides to prevent them from rubbing on the frame. You will save more money if you secure enough air pressure on your tires.

Other safety measures for box trailers include abiding all the traffic rules and respecting the conditions of the road. Drivers should also avoid driving if they do not feel well or feel sleepy.