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How to Prevent Your Vehicle From Overheating

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A vehicle overheating is something any car owner would not want to experience. It can happen anytime and anywhere, and the process of getting it fixed can be very tedious, especially when experience in untimely scenarios. Semi truck brakes, for example, are highly prone to overheating. When it happens, catastrophic disasters might be the consequence if not prevented entirely. There are also hundreds of cases where the brakes overheat and then lead to fire outbreak. Fortunately, there are ways to identify the problem before damaging consequences happen.

The first thing you need to do to prevent your brakes from overheating is to have your vehicle regularly checked up by professionals. In this case, the brakes overheating will most likely not to happen. Although daily maintenance also means extra expenses, you should understand that overheating is a hazardous occurrence and may not only affect you but others on the road as well.

The Common Causes of Brake Fires

There are various reasons as to why brakes of semi trucks overheat and catch fire. Here are causes of fires from brakes:

Poor Method of Braking

Not all drivers know how to use their brakes properly. You might think that braking merely is stepping on the brake pedals whenever you need to. However, it is not as simple as that. If you are guilty of such, you should know how to use your brakes properly. If you observe that there is smoke after you hit the brakes, you should stop your truck immediately and check the problem. If you are driving uphill, go to a level surface first before you stop.

Dragging Brakes

Always avoid hitting the brakes while the vehicle is still running. Do not drag the brakes as you drive because it can lead to overheating. Worst case scenario is catching fire on your tires while you are dragging the brakes. This has already happened countless times, and it is mostly due to the driver abusing their brakes too much.

Unbalanced Brakes

Brakes from all wheels should be balanced. If one is tighter than the others, overheating of disc brakes is often the result. This can also lead to the grease on the brakes to catch fire. If you are not sure whether your brakes are balanced or not, try hitting the brakes after driving at high speed. If your truck does not stop immediately or wiggles, you have unbalanced brakes. Get it to an auto repair shop immediately for resolution.

Failure in Wheeling Bearing

Dragging brakes are fairly common among ordinary truck drivers but what is even worse than that is the wheel bearing failure. This means that the axis of the wheel is not on the center line of the axle. If this happens while the brakes are being dragged, a fire may occur due to overheating. Further complications might be experienced if other parts are off-center as well.

Reducing the Chances of Overheating

The best thing to do to prevent your vehicle from overheating is to have it regularly maintained by professionals. If there is a 24-hour mobile truck repair shop in your local area, things become more convenient on your part. They will examine every part of your truck and determine the parts that need repair. Brakes are typically the first components that they check, mainly because they are responsible for the overall safety of the driver. As long as you have fully working and balanced brakes, you do not have to worry about overheating or your tires catching fire.