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Getting To Know More About The Things You Must Not Do When Modifying Your Car

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Yes, the car you have bought yourself indeed is for you to change and enhance on your own free will; however, you have to be aware of how some modifications done to your car could get you into huge trouble. Before you modifying or making any changes to your car, you have to make sure first that these are not one of the things we will mention below:

• Nitrous Oxide Cylinders Installation – one very important thing that you have to know of regarding these features is that it is a very intense performance boosting parts that can make your car shoot forward with incredible speed and force. There are tons of movies that are using these parts; however, these films are far from reality cause if the actors were able to handle these features, you might not. There are lots of drivers out there who cannot handle nitrous oxide because of its amazing force.

• Another car modification that you should not dare implement on your car is the use of big wheels. Always bear in mind that vehicles are specifically made to possess a standard wheel well size that can only fit or match the certain size of wheels and tires. What usually happens if you push to provide bigger wheels and tires to your car is that there is the risk of rotating against the well, causing the rubber on the tire to wear down. Not only that, it’s also a fact that fitting bigger wheels can lead to the risk of shaving off some parts of the rubber. There is a high chance of you as well to hit the road at extreme speed. This will put other drivers at the risk of getting into an accident since their attention and focus will be distorted and disturbed.

• Other than the things that we mentioned here in this article, there are still some things that you must avoid doing when modifying your car like the use of dark tints. It is essential for your car to have visual clearance through the windows of it. According to traffic rules and regulations, tints that are blocking the face of the driver is noted as an offense. The only windows of a car that is allowed to have extremely dark tints are the back windows; however, they must not be completely black at all. Having a clear window will help you in case of emergency or if your car was stolen since you can immediately report it. The police will have an easy time describing the driver who took your car away from you.

• Aside from that, we want you to know as well that having loud exhaust is a big no-no when modifying your car. This is because loud exhaust is not only irritating to the ear; it can also cause you to be fined by traffic officers or even the police. The thing with the loud exhaust is that it disturbs the peace in certain areas. There is a specific limit to how loud your exhaust can because if it went overboard, you might get pulled over and fined for it.