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Is The World Ready for Self-Driving Cars?

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The car industry is moving into the future at a very fast pace. Modern technologies are now incorporated into automobiles, adding various useful features other than simple transportation. Cars today have already been digitalized with the integration of touch screen LED monitors and GPS devices. The auto industry has many innovations, yet nothing is more mind-blowing than the idea of a driverless car. Just imagine a car moving without a human driver. It is almost unthinkable. However, self-driving cars exist in some countries already. Even though there are still a lot of things to polish, self-driving cars are becoming the next big thing in the industry. But is the world ready for them?

If the mechanism of self-driving cars is perfected, it will bring lots of benefits to the people. Instead of focusing on the road, riding the car means everyone is now the passenger. You get to enjoy your snacks, watch your favorite movie, and even play some card games with your friends. This makes life more convenient by transporting people to their destinations without needing to drive. Anyone would want a personal driver to take you anywhere you want. The cost does not do it.

Although the idea of self-driving cars is a great one, there are still lots of uncertainties with driverless vehicles. For a self-driving car to work, a special software program is installed in its system. This means that the driver is actually the computer and we all know that computers are not perfect. They are prone to cyber attacks, bugs, and malware malfunctions that will most definitely result in catastrophic consequences. Manufacturing and software companies are currently looking for ways to address these uncertainties.

The current models are still being tested out on public roads under different kinds of weather. Self-driving cars seem to have complications during rainy situations, which could be a result of an affected GPS. Other than that, their navigation mostly depends on the mapping software used by their manufacturing company. Stationary and moving objects have to be identified to avoid a collision. Some models have built-in radars to detect objects from a specific distance. If an object is detected to be too close to the vehicle, the auto will trigger either a stop or a turn to evade it. This is an example of how self-driving cars work.

So what will happen if self-driving cars take over the roads? Perhaps, there will be more cars than ever before. People would be much more enticed to buy a self-driving car once they know they are perfectly safe with it. The convenience in transportation is undoubtedly worth investing in. Manufacturers think that self-driving cars would get rid of traffic and congestion, but what will happen will most likely be the opposite. People will quickly get a ride, and although there will be fewer road accidents, there will probably be more people on the road.