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A Glimpse On The Newer Technologies Of Automotive Industry

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Every field is defined by the innovations that it brings. Some things become a trend and go on for a long time but then, they need to be redefined and newer trends established. Consumer markets are driven through this. And what better can be the example of this field than the automotive industry. There are a lot of recent and upcoming innovations that are witnessed daily in the field. We use this article to make it a medium for giving the reader a glimpse into the newer technologies of the automotive industry. Read on to find out more about the field.

Ushering In A New Era:

  • Self-Driven Technology: No list can ever be complete without mentioning this achievement. The latest to take the field by storm, a number of brands are experimenting with this trade and trying to attain perfection. If successful, it will be the next biggest thing in the industry after the invention of the car itself. Many industrial giants are already testing this but are yet to attain perfection. Controlled tests have yielded a result but independent tests are yet to yield a desirable result.

  • Green Power And Eco-sustainability: Revolution in the field of fuel is the next big thing that is about to take the industry by storm. Companies are trying to take the matter of green fuel seriously. Now there are companies that are testing models that run on batteries and can give a mileage of up to 1000 miles. Some of the giants are even marketing these models successfully. They are promoting the use of such vehicles to ease the pressure on petrol and other conventional fuels.
  • Changing Driving System: A major automobile industry is trying to experiment with shifting steering system. This means that it can change from a left-hand drive to a right-hand drive only with the flick of the steering wheel. You can drag it to both sides and drive equally well. But the system is still far off in development and is only available in the concept version of models. It is being touted as the model that can become a synonym for a universal vehicle.
  • Faster Engines: Fuel injection and 4 valve technologies are getting old as V8 and W12 engines are taking over the market. They are not only faster but also perform better in the long run. Overall the machine has become more reactive and can bring in greater horsepower for carrying a higher load.
  • Hands-Free Controls: As technology becomes more integrated with the machines we drive, things are taking a turn for the better. The vehicles now come with audio based controlling. It means a hands-free environment and controlling the multimedia options via voice. You can keep all your attention centered on the road ahead.

This is what a glimpse of the newer technologies of the automotive industry looks like. Gears up for some exciting times are ahead. You can hope for more action from the developers who plan to launch models recently.