Different Microfiber Cloths for Detailing a Car

Different industries make use of microfiber material for a wide range of purposes. Usually, this material is used for the sole purpose of cleaning. It is the result of a combination of human-made materials like polyester fibers and finely woven polyamide. Its characteristic softness is derived from the fine polyamide component that it is made from. On the other hand, the durability and strength of microfiber are a contribution of its polyester component. With these two materials combined, what you get is a material that withstands hard-wearing use. It is also among the best options if you need to do car detailing or waxing.

Different kinds of microfiber cloths, mitts, and pads can be utilized to give any car a good clean. Know the commonly known types of microfiber used for car detailing.

General purpose
The most typical microfiber cloth used for general purposes comes with the standard terry cloth weave. It has a combination of 80% and 20% polyester and polyamide, respectively. This material makes an amazing all-purpose cleaning option for wiping glass, plastic, leather, paint, and vinyl. To make cleaning more effective using this material, choose a cloth with a relatively good thickness level.

Polishing work and glass cleaning
The microfiber cloth you use for polishing work and glass cleaning should be 100% lint-free. Unlike the general-purpose cloth, this particular material comes with short naps. Nonetheless, it still offers the right level of scrubbing power. This cloth should be effective in removing marks left by water such as streaks. To avoid or minimize scratching delicate surfaces from your car, choose a microfiber cloth with no edge.

For drying purposes, you can use microfiber cloths with either terry or a waffle cloth weave. Cloths with very short terry loops are much more effective for purposes of drying. Avoid cloths with a heavy and plush nap because in case they get wet, they become harder to wring out. Both terry and waffle cloths are effective at absorbing water. However, if you want something that would hold water much longer limiting the number of times you wring out your cloth, then you should choose the latter.

When cleaning your car, you want to choose a very coarse microfiber cloth. Moreover, they should have a tight nap and strands that are not split. This particular microfiber cloth is not made to be the most reliable choice for soaking up water. This implies that it should never be utilized for fine car detailing. It should, however, be great for the typical janitorial work that you must do. The best microfiber cloth options for these purposes include the waffle weave cloths and polishing cloths.

Having read all of these variants of microfiber cloths, you now know which one you should get for your car detailing work and more. This information is essential if you do not want to add unnecessary damages to your car as you clean it. Once again, not all microfiber cloths are the same. You want to make sure to use the right kind for your specific purpose.