How To Replace The Brake Pads

Some people are dealing with cases wherein they need to replace the braked pads of their car. You will need to look for a mechanic if you want to replace the brake pads of your car.

It is essential to cool down the car first before you start doing something. The heat will expand the metal alloys that made up the pads so the size will slightly increase. The mechanic should also wait for the car to cool down first to avoid burning his hands while replacing the brake pads.

For you to remove the hub cap from the wheel, the mechanic will be loosening up the lug nuts. The mechanic will lift the car to thirty centimeters above the floor. The mechanic will then place wedges or bricks behind the other wheels to prevent the car from rolling away. The mechanic can work on two wheels at a time by placing two jacks on one of the sides of the car. The mechanic will need help from a fellow mechanic in this process.

The mechanic can now remove the lug nuts and the wheel completely to start replacing the brake pads of your car.

It is essential to remove the calliper bolts to access the brake pads. The calliper should be removed so that there will be access to the rotor. The assembly of the calliper will have the brake line that is attached to the system, and it is essential to deal with this process using careful procedures.

The brake pads will now be removed safely by popping them or sliding them out. The mechanic will also be replacing the clips that will attach the pads to the new ones. After that, you can install the new brake pads to the car. You need to apply braking grease first to the back of the brake pads as lubrication to avoid high temperatures and friction. You should know that the mechanic will be placing the new brake pads just the same as how he removed the old brake pads.

The mechanic will place the calliper back to the rotor. If ever the calliper will not fit the part, then the mechanic will use brake tools to install it properly. You can place back the tire and wheel after that, and the mechanic will tighten up the lug nuts.

You need to take note that the replacement of brake pads is an essential job; thus you have to make sure this is appropriately carried out. The brake pads are particular parts of your car that will help you stop every time you will be stepping on the brake pedal. It is the brake pad that will be clamping onto the brake disc which will prevent the car from colliding into other cars or other objects while you are driving on the road. That is why it is essential for you to make sure that your brake pads are always functioning correctly.