How To Smartly Avoid Road Rage

Anyone on the road can be a victim of violent incidents caused by reckless driving. Engaging in small conflicts and disagreements may lead to fatal injuries caused by an enraged party. How to prevent these compromising situations from happening?

Understanding ‘Road Rage’

Majority of road rage incidence is often attributed to someone’s angry response to common road situations like a heavy stream of traffic and others’ aggressive manner of driving. When triggered by these situations combined with emotional distress, people tend to lose control, hence, road rage happens.

Steering Clear From ‘Road Rage’

Learning about the contributing factors of road rage has paved the way for ways on how to prevent highway hostilities from happening.

There are three major things to consider in avoiding road rage.

Keeping Own Emotions In Check

  • When on the road it is important to keep the environment calm.and positive.
  • Decluttering and keeping windshields clean will help improve a sense of well-being.
  • Sleep is an important factor in driving. Having a good amount of sleep helps in keeping the right disposition while driving.
  • Avoid rushing by preparing ahead of time. Giving an ample time on the road will obviate any feeling of anxiety and stress.
  • When provoked with common road problems like a traffic jam or aggressive drivers, it is best to stay calm and not to engage. If dealing with an emotional crisis it is best to pull over and get some fresh air. Deep breathing helps in diffusing anger and any negative feeling.
  • Taking awareness test of tendencies to road rage is a great help in finding ways to control it. Consulting help is recommended to address the contributing factors and how to completely treat them.

Dealing With Other Motorists’ Behaviors On The Road

  • When dealing with other drivers, one may not be aware what others really have in mind, so it is best to keep eyes on the road and not on neighboring drivers.
  • Avoid aggravating a situation by not retaliating to others’ bad behaviors on the road.
  • Always practice safety and caution in driving. Report to nearby law enforcers and request assistance if in danger of being a victim of road rage.

Conforming With The Proper Etiquette While Driving

  • Be considerate of others’ ways if needed. Keep in mind the golden rule as it is universal.
  • Focus is important in driving, hence, keep away from objects causing distraction from the road. A study showed that texting while driving has caused a lot of accidents on the road.
  • Use turn signals and car beams properly to avoid causing accidents on the road.
  • Remember to look behind and check for any blind spots at least twice to make sure no car is cut from its lane.
  • If possible, refrain from honking. It is a common road rage trigger, particularly if done excessively.
  • Using hazard lights, to warn vehicles behind especially the ones narrowing the distance instead of sharp brakes is a safer practice to avoid rear-end collision that is a constant cause of road conflicts.
  • It is sometimes shocking to hear news about fatalities caused by road rage.

Learning about this road phenomenon, preparing ahead and having the right attitude and mindset on the road will keep one safe from ‘Road Rage’.