Introduction To The Different Types Of Turbos

There are various ways to improve the horsepower of a car’s engine, and one of these ways is by the use of a turbocharger. When we say turbocharger, we are referring to an induction device that is using the force created by a turbine to inject extra air at increased pressure, temperature as well as density into the combustion chamber of an engine. This will lead to the improvement of the engine’s horsepower and efficiency. The use of a turbocharger will also enhance the overall performance of a car.

If you are wondering what turbochargers can do, well, there are tons of them like enabling an engine to produce similar power as what heavier engines produce. The exhaust gas that is being used by a turbocharger to operate is energy lost in an automobile engine that is usually aspirated. There are lots of turbochargers that are used in cars, and every single one of them has their characteristics, drawbacks and even benefits. If this piqued your curiosity, then you must continue reading this article until the very end to find out more about it.

• Single turbochargers are known for their ability to offer amazing variability and cost-effective methods as well in terms of increasing the power of a car’s engine. This particular type of turbo is said to be relatively easy to install. The addition of this kind of turbo leads to the production of equivalent power, which is similar to larger and normally aspirated engines hence, increasing the performance of the vehicle.

• The twin-turbo is known for being similar to single turbos, and also, it possesses several relevant options to be taken into account. A single turbocharger is possible to be added to every cylinder bank, regardless of whether the engine is a V8 or a V6. On the other hand, parallel twin turbos that are on V-shaped engines have similar benefits as to single turbos, and they are possible to be placed in a sequential manner or in any other configurations that can enhance the torque as well as the power of the engine.

• The next one that we have here in our list is the Twin Scroll Turbo Cylinder. This particular type of turbos is said to be programmed to feed a particular scroll or the other, allowing the improvement of the horsepower of the engine to become a possibility. This can be made by maximizing the efficiency as well as the efficacy of the turbocharger. That is not it at all as we want you to know as well that the addition of a twin scroll turbo will enable for more energy to be translated into the wheels of the vehicle. If you want to be guided more on this, we suggest that you coordinate with your wheel supplier. The varying designs of scroll allow for a much wider RPM range, therefore, causing the effective boost of the turbocharger to be enhanced. If you want to install a twin scroll turbo cylinder, make sure that you have the engine layout and the exhaust design that it needs.