Simple Car Dents Repairs

An old or new car will not look good if it has a dent on the door or body. The dents can be small dings or big dimples that are caused by crashing or bumping into something. If the damage is small, it will need a simple car dent repair. You don’t have to take your car to the repair shop and spend a lot of money to fix the small dent. This article will provide you with some of the ways on how you can repair car dents without the need for a professional service.

There are many ways to repair car dents. You should continue reading to know some of the ways on how you can deal small car dents.

Paint up the dents.

Every time the dent is not more than flaking of pain or some scratch on the surface, a simple coat of paint can fix it. But you need to make sure that you will be using sandpaper to remove paint scrapes or rust before you apply the prime and paint.

You should make use of a rubber plunger.

If you need to fix a large ding without a crease in the middle, your best option is to make use of a rubber plunger. A rubber plunger can pop back the surface if it is not badly creased. Place the rubber plunger over the dent after you moisten the rubber edges and pump a few times to create a suction. You should then pull the plunger to your direction. You need to exert a little force and a few tries to pull out the dent. The rubber plunger method will work if you are dealing with a large surface like a door or fender that is made of metal.

You can also try using a hammer.

You can use a flat-ended rubber mallet if you will be dealing with a small dent on a steel surface. A hammer is firm enough to repair the dent and will less likely be leaving any ugly marks on the steel surface. You should wrap a flat metal piece using a piece of rag and directly place it on the dent. After that, you should use the hammer to bang the surface form the underside.

You should take note that for a small ding, you need to use a small hammer. But if you will be dealing with a larger car dent, then you should make use of a bigger hammer. Also take to note that you should be careful not to bang the areas surrounding the dented area to avoid creating more bumps.

You can also repair tiny dings using glazing putty.

A glazing putty is a great option if you want to fill up the places with tiny dimples or chipped paint. You should apply the glazing putty to the spot using a putty knife and then apply a primer and paint for the final touches. It is actually very easy to do. You just have to follow all the instructions on the package.