Simple Steps to Replace the Motor of Your RV Awning

One of the favorite accessories of every RV owner is their awnings. They are installed for a good range of reasons. For one, they keep you protected from the sun and rain to improve your overall outdoor experience. They also make life on the road much more convenient with the right choice of add-ons like attachable rooms and LED lighting. Electric RV awnings are becoming popular across RV owners because they are easy to set up and cost less.

Unfortunately, just like any other electrical equipment, this product can suffer from technical issues. Usually, they are related to their motor. If you are planning to resell your RV, potential buyers will consider this damage a deal breaker. For you to not deal with this particular situation, replacing the motor of your RV awning is a must. You can complete the task yourself without special skills.

Here are some simple steps to follow to replace the motor of your RV awning.

• Choose the right motor
A lot of RV owners get easily confused with the wide range of automatic RV awning options that they can choose from in the market. If you have not bought one yourself, choose one with manual override features. This emergency feature enables RV owners to pull back the awning when there is no electricity manually. There are also plenty of electric awnings available in the market with built-in receivers that you can operate using either a wall-mounted control switch or remote control. Some brands come with wind and sun sensors that automatically close or open depending on the weather conditions. Motorized awnings can be plugged easily into a regular RV power outlet.

• Prepare the new awning
Have the mounting bracket in a retracted position and get the product. Lay it on the ground gently and take off its end cap. Loosen the roller end bracket securing bolts. This makes it possible or you to slide the bracket to the left end direction. This results in the torsion bar being easily removable. Once the gear is removed, do not forget also to remove the square toe. This part is no longer needed because the motor will take its place.

• Set up the motor
At the end of the motor tube, slide the motor. Make sure to connect every hardware piece. Check the manual once because the included parts may vary between manufacturers. Put the gear for the manual handle and the roller end bracket back to their proper places. Tighten the nuts of the securing bolts and have the end cap installed. Securely connect the awning to the mounting brackets and install it again. Lastly, hook your motor cable up to the wall control panel. If you bought a wireless model, have the wireless control bracket set up in a shaded area. You then plug into the electrical wall, receptacle the wall control panel. Check each button of the remote control to ensure that they are working the way they should.

RV awnings have the power to transform a simple outdoor area to a spectacular one. This alone increases the value of your RV. Nonetheless, before you sell your RV in the market for cash, ensure that its motor is working properly.