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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Autonomous Car

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An autonomous car is known as a driverless or self-driving car. Having this amazing car gives a person a sudden advantage. However, this vehicle is still accompanied by disadvantages.

Many of us once dreamt of riding a flying car. Our innovative technology assists in creating brilliant inventions. This is commonly made to make our life easier and more productive. One of these brilliant inventions is the autonomous cars.

What is an autonomous car?

An autonomous car is known as a driverless or self-driving car. It was designed to travel in the absence of a human operator. It is similar to having personal driver except that this vehicle does not involve human interactions.

Having this amazing car gives a person a sudden advantage. However, this vehicle is still accompanied by disadvantages.

Advantages of autonomous cars

1. Decreased the number of accidents

Autonomous cars prevent human errors from happening as the system controls the vehicle. It leaves no opportunity for distraction, not just like humans who are prone to interruptions. It also uses complicated algorithms that determine the correct stopping distance from one vehicle to another. Thereby, lessening the chances of accidents dramatically.

2. Lessens traffic jams

Driverless cars in a group participate in platooning. This allows the vehicles to brake or accelerates simultaneously. Platoon system allows automated highway system which may significantly reduce congestion and improve traffic by increasing up the lane capacity. Autonomous cars communicate well with one another. They help in identifying traffic problems early on. It detects road fixing and detours instantly. It also picks up hand signals from the motorists and reacts to it accordingly.

3. Stress-free parking

Autonomous cars drop you off at your destination and directly heads to a detected vacant parking spot. This eliminates the wasting of time and gas looking for a vacant one.

4. Time-saving vehicle

As the system takes over the control, the driver has a spare time to continue work or spend this time catching up with their loved-ones without the having the fear about road safety.

5. Accessibility to transportation

Senior citizens and disabled personnel are having difficulty driving. Autonomous vehicles assist them towards safe and accessible transportation.


1. Expensive

High-technology vehicles and equipment are expensive. They prepare a large amount of money for research and development as well as in choosing the finest and most functional materials needed such as the software, modified vehicle parts, and sensors. Thus, the cost of having Autonomous cars is initially higher. However, this may lower down after 10 years giving way for the average earner people to have one.

2. Safety and security concerns

Though it has been successfully programmed, there will still be the possible unexpected glitch that may happen. Technologies are continuously updating and almost all of this equipment may have a faulty code when the update was not properly and successfully done.

3. Prone to Hacking

Autonomous vehicles could be the next major target of the hackers as this vehicle continuously tracks and monitors details of the owner. This may lead to the possible collection of personal data.

4. Fewer job opportunities for others

As the artificial intelligence continues to overcome the roles and responsibilities of humans, taxi, trucks, or even co-pilots may be laid off as their services will no longer be needed. This may significantly impact the employment rate and economic growth of a certain country.

5. Non-functional sensors

Sensors failures often happened during drastic weather conditions. This may not work during a blizzard or a heavy snowfall.

Our technology still continues to develop and to be tested. Autonomous cars may provide a significant comfort we needed. However, we need to bear in mind that there are still disadvantages affiliated with it.