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3 Things To Ensure If You Have A Keyless Entry Car

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This is the thing of the future although it doesn't assure fail-safe since crooks continuously find ways to hack into your car and go around the security features installed.

Several high-end cars have a feature of a keyless car entry to their latest automotive and mobiles. This is the thing of the future although it doesn’t assure fail-safe. Crooks continuously find ways to hack into your car and go around the security features installed.

Using keyless cars gives you a total edge and advantage. Never the less, consider these three things to ensure when possessing a keyless car entry:

1. Beware of signal jamming

The most common way of breaking into a car is signal jamming. A device using the same frequency used by the remote key fobs is hidden in plain sight near a target car. As the owner presses the lock button, the command is prevented from reaching the intended car, leaving thieves with an open door.

To prevent this, make sure that you hear the locks engage after pressing the button and make sure to double check. Nothing wrong with being more mindful nowadays.

2. Protect against relaying

A theft of this kind was seen through social media which resulted to creating awareness among mobile owners that even if their key fob is safe inside the house, criminals equipped with the right tool can copy the car’s unique signal using another device. This relaying device was spotted for sale online which crooks can easily gain access to this kind of technology.

The best way to protect your car from relaying is by using a Faraday sleeve. It is a pouch designed to block transmission signals from your key fob. Make sure that the remote is always inside the sleeve whenever you are at home or even outside with your car. It might cost you over a hundred dollars, but it is totally worth it.

3. Username and password for you alone

Another ingenious way to hack cars is through car application installed on your smartphone. Potential hackers find ways to access your account using your own username and password. Several ways are used in this method such as seeing you in plain sight accessing the app, acquired your personal information from someone else or even guessing your username and password repeatedly until they hit the jackpot.

There are various ways to prevent this kind of hack. First is, as much as possible do not share or give away your username and password to anyone. Change your password from time to time and create a unique combination that will give the thieves a hard time deciphering. Also, be cautious of your surroundings, every time you access the car’s application on your smartphone.


As people become increasingly dependent on technology, car and mobile users should remember that crooks also use the same technology to commit a crime. Cars are always vulnerable to theft because of their appeal and the value they possess.

Carmakers are always on the lookout for the perfect solution, but then it seems that these criminals always find ways to breach every system available. It is up to the owners now to be extra careful and be vigilant always.