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5 Celebrities That Drive Pink

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Here are 5 Celebrities that drive pink cars. These luxurious and customized cars are for their convenience and posh lifestyle and makes the viewers impressed.

From Wrangler to Bentley Continental GT to Range Rover Sport, here are 5 Celebrities that drive pink cars. These luxurious and customized cars are for their convenience and posh lifestyle and make the viewers impressed. It is one of a kind and only those who can afford can have this kind of cars.

Nicki Minaj

A successful music artist who can afford an exclusive car in Barbie pink coat. She was spotted driving along Sunset BLVD with her Lamborghini Aventador. This car is an eye catcher and with the car’s horsepower, she is in for a treat of speeding up from 0 to 100 km/h with a maximum of 350 km/h speed. This is a 6.5-liter aspirated v12 that generate 700hp with a push-rod suspension and ISR 7-speed gearbox.

Despite her reputation on the way she dresses, her choice for a car is a standout. A net worth of $60 million, no wonder she can afford to buy this car. She also owns red Lamborghini Gallardo and pink Bentley Continental GT. With her love for pink color, she has started a charity called Barbie Doll Charity.

Amber Rose

A mother, feminist and entrepreneur is how Amber Rose describes herself in the positive light. She is an advocate for raising awareness about gender inequality and sexual injustice. Her love for her 4-door Pink Colored Jeep Wrangler is for her convenience.

With a net worth of $5 Million, she can afford to have her Jeep customized. The inside has a room for 5 adults in leather interior customized by RoadStarr Motorsports automotive boutique. This includes monster pink wheels, customized light bar, luxurious interior with custom-made leather child safety seat for her 3-year-old son.

Paris Hilton

A fan of Barbie and her love for pink color, Paris Hilton had her Bentley sprayed in the shade of cherry blossom pink. The interior matches the same color as the exterior. Embedded in the headrests of the car seats is a badge with her initials.

Her net worth is over $100 Million and choosing to spend her money is her way of achieving her childhood dream. She describes her choice of car and color as a dream come true of having a car like Barbie since she was a little girl.

Katie Price

Her love for pink is a collection of Range Rover, VW Beetle, Scooter and a horse box. The Range Rover L322 comes with automatic transmission and runs on an 8-speed and 4.4-liter Ford TD V8 engine. The Interior comes with Bluetooth and Navigation system, a leather interior with pink leather steering wheel, alloys and Leather gear stick with Swarovski crystal.

Her collections are emblazoned with her tiara stamp with all the glitters on it. With her customized collections, this only shows she can spend more knowing she has a net worth of $60 Million.

Flo Rida

Pink is for a girl’s choice of color but for Flo Rida, his Veyron car wrapped in pink was for a good cause. This is to attract attention in helping raise breast cancer awareness.

As popular as him, it got a plethora of attention. Many admired him for it as he displays the car with an official logo of breast cancer awareness on the hood, wheels, and grille of the car.