Transforming Bus Conversions into Full-Time RVs

Manufactured RVs and motor homes have become very popular these days for a lot of people. Even so, the market is also full of bus conversions for sale. A lot of buyers have mixed feelings when it comes to these bus conversions. For instance, old and beat-up city and school buses may not seem like much at first. However, they have the potential to be easily transformed into comfortable living spaces. Owning a bus conversion that you have personalized according to your specific needs brings about intimate and personal feelings on your part. Transforming bus conversions into full-time RVs is not as difficult as it seems. The moment you make a successful bus conversion, you make your life as an RV owner much more comfortable. Here are some ideas to transform your bus into a comfortable full-time RV.

• Make the interiors brighter
Keep your bus interiors as white and as bright as possible. This achieves a cleaner aesthetics and helps separate your kitchen and living space easily. Also, it gives a more spacious illusion and helps brighten up the mood of your passengers.

• Add a few useful things to the kitchen area
For better storage of goods and food items, add several cabinets and shelves to your kitchen walls. You may also install some hooks for hanging your cleaning rags and towels. If you plan to add a kitchen counter, ensure to maximize the available space by installing a gas burner at the top and a dishwasher on the bottom half. If you have more than one kitchen counter, you decide what other useful appliances you can add like sinks and freezers.

• Add more space to meet storage needs
If you are thinking of living full-time in your converted bus, you want to make sure that you have enough room for storage. Look for new ways creatively to store your things. For instance, if you have a sofa in your living area, you can convert the underside into a horizontal storage space and the armrest into a vertical storage space. This is not only economical but also this helps keep junk away from plain sight. You can also store your batteries and other electrical equipment in the space beneath your sofa seat.

The more space you have, the more modifications you can introduce to the interiors of your rig. For instance, if you maximize the use of your sofa spaces, you can have a large door installed in the middle of the bus. This will help bring in light and fresh air into the rig.

• Create a pet-friendly workstation
The front of your vehicle can be set up as a workstation. The desk should come in a decent size allowing you to stand up and work as necessary. If you are going to be bringing a pet dog onboard, you can install a kennel below your workstation. This allows your pet to keep you company as you do your work.

• Make your bathroom more useful
If you plan to become a full-time RV owner, you need to have a spacious bathroom with you. You can add storage to the door to keep the essentials handy like shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and lotions. When your bathroom has enough space, you can install a bathtub and have your showerhead placed right above. Putting a mirror above the door also makes getting ready in the morning that much easier.