What You Should Know About Car Wraps

Do you want to give your car a complete makeover? Perhaps you should consider getting a car wrap. Car wrapping is a process by which a large sheet of vinyl is applied to your car exterior. The color of your car can be changed according to your preference and give it a brand new finish.

The vinyl is considered as an additional layer of your car exterior, protecting it from minor abrasions and stone chips. It has a thickness that is just enough to cover the paintwork of your car without being too obvious. If any section of the car gets damaged or tainted, the vinyl covering can easily be replaced or repaired. Car wrapping is not done with a single sheet of vinyl but with multiple large sheets. Damaged panels can be re-wrapped at any time without redoing the entire car wrapping process.

Auto parts stores mostly offer car wrapping services but some car dealership shops may also have this service. Installers start with a quick check on the car, making sure that all parts are intact. A thorough cleaning is then conducted to remove any bumpers, rubber seals, stickers, badges, and some other components of the car. If your car has bumps or holes on its surface, they will have to be treated first for better results. After which, the installer then slowly and carefully apply the vinyl sheets, making sure that all the edges are wrapped around. They also make sure that are no loose fitting sheets on any part of the car. A heat gun is utilized to remove any bubbles or loose fitting.

After all the piece are wrapped with the vinyl sheets, the removed parts will then be reinstalled, creating a high-quality finish.

Instead of a traditional car repainting, many car owners often go with car wrapping services for the following reasons:

  1. Quick makeover

For car owners who want a new color to their car, car wrapping is the best option. It provides a seamless color change of your car, even making a better appearance than its previous color. Many car wrapping companies offer a standard range of colors, but some offer some rare ones. You can choose to combine different colors for your next car wrap.

  1. Improve selling value

Old and worn out cars have poor market values, not unless they are given a makeover. Instead of getting a standard repainting job, which is not very appealing to buyers, most car owners would go for car wrapping. It is also the most appealing option for car customization fanatics. Vinyl sheets will help your car be sold at a higher value due to its appearance and added protection.

  1. Limitless Styling Options

You get various options with car wrapping. You can go for matte colors, shiny ones, or even psychedelic colors that you would not find in any other car. The color options are basically limitless with car wrapping. If you want to include texts or images, it is also possible by precisely cutting the vinyl sheets to your desired graphics.